Patriot Bible University (PBU) is divided into three schools – Ministerial Studies, Christian Education, and Patriot School of the Bible.



The School of Ministerial Studies and Schools of Christian Education offers Christian Bible degrees at the undergraduate, and graduate degree levels with conservative self-directed study courses.

Patriot School of the Bible offers Bible diplomas, certifications, ministry and leadership training, and continuing education. PSB is an excellent source of Continuing Education for all educators. (a division of PBU) helps churches organize and operate their own local Bible institute by providing curriculum and help in administrative setup. creates and publishes curriculum for use in Bible colleges, institutes, and churches. is PBU’s webzine delivering quality inspirational reading.

Biblical Higher Education that is specially tailored for pastors, Christian school
teachers and administrators, church staff, missionaries, evangelists,
and all Christian workers who wish to continue their Biblical higher education.

School of Ministerial Studies

The School of Ministerial Studies is divided into four disciplines - Biblical Studies, Pastoral Studies, Evangelism and Missions, and Christian Counseling.

School of Christian Education

The School of Christian Education is divided into four disciplines – Christian Education, Christian Early Childhood Education, Christian Elementary Education, and Christian Secondary Education.

Patriot School of the Bible

Patriot School of the Bible (PSB) offers Bible Diplomas, CEU Courses, Vocational Ministry Certifications, and Church Leadership Training.

Start Anytime, Study Anywhere.

As A PBU Graduate You Will Be:

  1. A proven self-starter
  2. A proven self-learner
  3. Passionate about education
  4. Passionate about the Bible
  5. Grounded in Bible basics
  6. Faithful steward with God’s money

In short, the PBU graduate will be equipped to serve the church, the Lord, His children, and His ‘soon-to-be’ children.

Affordable Too!

1st Year Bachelors pre-paid tuition, 12 courses, all fees only $699

Associates fully pre-paid $1799

Masters fully pre-paid $1499

D.Min. fully pre-paid $1999

Each of these plans has a monthly payment option too.

Already Have A Degree?

Enroll in our Second Bachelor Degree Program!

Alumni and Prospective Students may enroll in our Second Degree Program for $799 and earn a second Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies, Pastoral Studies, Evangelism and Missions, Christian Counseling, or Christian Education.

This program is ideal for students who have earned a secular degree and desire to supplement it with a Bible degree.

This program is especially useful for incoming students with a secular B.A. and who desire to quickly move on to their Graduate studies and may be used with any major.

Our Second Degree Program students are required to complete only 12 courses for the Bachelor degree (A Bachelors degree is a prerequisite for the Second Degree Program). The Registrar assigns your required courses based on your previous education and you may select 2-3 of the 12 as electives.

Cost for the Second Bachelor Degree Program?

All-Inclusive Tuition!

* Special Offer – $799 for all 12 courses and 12 months tuition plus enrollment fee. Enroll First Then return here or the home page and select $799 Prepay

Simply choose your major (above) and enroll. On the enrollment application you will designate that you are enrolling in a Second Degree.

Attention Educators, Public and Christian School teachers:

* Add to your education by continuing your education with Patriot Bible University *

Empower your secular teaching ministry with a Biblical world-view. Learn to teach Biblical principles without crossing the ‘church-state’ line.