We live in an unprecedented time on God’s calendar. And from an earthly perspective, the hard times people are facing today seem to have stirred many of them to a fresh hunger for God’s Word, and an urgent desire to better prepare themselves to serve the Lord in what may be the last of the last days.


Do you have this same hunger? Is it time for you to earn a Bible degree that will equip you for ministry? Patriot training is effective conservative Biblical education for every Christian. Whether your ministry is formal or simply ministering to your family or at work…Patriot self-directed correspondence studies may be for you.

These are the most exciting times of growth in the
36-year history of Patriot Bible University!

Welcome from Our President

This “university without walls” is for individuals as well as for groups who form local church Bible institutes. Patriot Bible University permits mature Christians to bring the university to their own homes or offices.

How To Start

For your convenience, we have posted information about our school, our courses and degree requirements, our policies and have enabled online enrollment.

What PBU Offers You

Smart Bible education consumers search out affordable, high quality, competently delivered education with a plan that is just right for you. This, and more, is what you will find at Patriot.

Is Distance Learning Right For You?

Is distance learning also known as correspondence education the right choice for you? This style of learning requires an element of self-discipline but there are many advantages. If you find yourself short of self-discipline but desire to increase in this area, God delivers when we ask in His Name.

Who Should Enroll?

Patriot Bible University is an answered prayer for many Christians. Anyone who desires a greater knowledge and understanding of God's Word, who seeks to further his/her education, and prepare for more effective Christian service can benefit as a Patriot student.

Why Choose PBU?

Curriculum, Affordability, Distinctive Benefits, Conservative Doctrine.


Articles of interest about Patriot Bible University education written to prospective students and their families.