Are Homeschoolers accepted at Patriot Bible University? Yes!

Correspondence Bible colleges are an excellent learning solution for homeschoolers. Homeschoolers have learned how to be self-directed and self-motivated. They are almost always good readers.

Can You Earn A Living With A Religious Degree?

Can You Earn A Living With A Religious Degree?   Patriot Bible University equips people for ministry vocations. Many students would love to earn a living while working in ministry […]

Does Patriot believe the Bible is literally true?

Patriot Bible University has been labeled as a fundamentalist Christian college by our critics. While they mean it to be a negative slur we accept it as a compliment!

Founding Father's Quotes

“In God We Trust” Text of Quotations  (New) “And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds […]

Graduates Worth Employing

The PBU graduate can demonstrate to the potential employer that he or she is a self-motivated learner. Patriot Bible University’s primary teacher is the Holy Spirit coupled with God’s Word.