Smart Bible education consumers search out affordable, high quality, competently delivered education with a plan that is just right for you. 
This, and more, is what you will find at Patriot.

Whatever your needs for Christian education, Patriot can provide it!

1) Degree Programs

Patriot is authorized by the state of Colorado to grant religious degrees at the following levels:

  1. Bachelor,
  2. Master, and
  3. Doctor of Ministry (D.Min).

Student Loans not required! And there is no need to quit your job to attend.

“Your First Step In Higher Biblical Education”

If you have never completed a Bachelor’s degree, this is the first step in higher education. The Bachelor’s degree is known as an undergraduate degree.

Once you complete your first undergraduate degree, you may then take your first graduate degree. The first graduate degree is the Master’s degree. It signifies that you have mastered a specific field of study.

The second graduate degree offered by Patriot Bible University is the Doctor of Ministry. It requires advanced study in a specific field of study. Typically, the courses build on previous study and experience and are more difficult than the Master’s coursework.

2) Certificates & Diplomas

If your desire is to take several courses to learn about specific topics, you may enroll in the Patriot School of the Bible. A Bible Diploma may be earned after 12 courses are completed and an Advanced Bible Diploma after 24 courses are completed. PSB offers Vocational Ministry Certifications and Christian Leadership Training. See

3) Local Church Bible Institutes

Your local church may organize a Bible Institute and offer higher Biblical education to your members. The church provides a teacher to facilitate classroom discussion, enhance learning, deepen spiritual impact, and provide grading administration. Those who complete the required number of courses may receive a Diploma from the Bible Institute. See