Courses are delivered (via postal or e-mail) directly to the student who studies independently and at their own pace. When finished with the course, the student returns their coursework for grading. Each course consists of one or more textbooks and a workbook.

Course Ordering – Students may order online in our Bookstore, by phone, by mail, or by fax. Students order courses as they are ready for them; learning is self-paced. Courses are affordably priced!

Online Courses: Many undergraduate courses are offered as interactive PDF’s. The student downloads
their coursebooks at and completes them using a computer loaded with Adobe Reader 8 (free program).

We conduct our student communications by phone, internet websites and e-mail, and postal mail.

Student testing is assessed by workbooks turned in for grading.

Excellent Curriculum

Designed from the ground up specifically for correspondence and self-directed studies. Students love the courses! Patriot course books are carefully selected from Biblically conservative, professional authors who have written on a focused subject. Courses present and expound on the Bible’s absolute truth – not man’s modernistic reasoning.

What’s Your Style Of Learning?

Patriot’s unique curriculum is reading-based. Students do not sit through taped lectures, write pages of notes, and take multiple ‘guess’ tests. Rather, each Patriot course includes a 200-300 page textbook accompanied by a colorful workbook. The high quality workbooks ask the student questions directly from the reading assignment and the Bible.

Read – Write – Reinforce.