“You don’t have room in your budget to take out a student loan the size of a home mortgage to attend school… at Patriot you can pay as you go.”

“Why spend $40,000+ for a Bible degree when the Lord is the one who opens employment doors?”

  • Tuition received by Patriot from students is used only for what is necessary to educate the student.
  • Patriot is debt-free and owns their facilities.
  • Patriot is a Christian ministry and is not organized around making a profit or funding non-educational requirements.
  • Patriot does not pay large sales commissions to ‘counselors’.
  • Patriot does not have the expense of monumental buildings tastefully decorated with art and impressive furnishings.
  • Patriot’s faculty and staff salaries are very modest.
  • Self-directed studies are more affordable than teacher-directed studies.

Christians interested in PBU are typically mature people who are already convinced of the need for Biblical higher education – and they wisely decide to avoid student loans. Student loans are used to pay the school’s higher overhead which may not add any value to the student’s education.

Ask yourself “what is really necessary for me to get the education I seek?” Do you need to attend a campus to learn? Do you need a professor to lecture you or can you read the material for yourself? Do you need class schedules to give you discipline to study? Do you need discussions with other students to be part of your learning?

Patriot’s self-directed studies are ideal for those who are motivated to study and are willing to let the Holy Spirit bring understanding. PBU does not provide (or charge the student for) the “social” aspect of campus studies or teacher-directed studies. PBU students are self-motivated learners.

Our allies in Biblical higher education normally charge $120-350 per credit hour. This means it would cost most  full-time students at least $200-800 per month with other schools. And that usually means student loans. PBU offers a wonderful opportunity for those who may not be able to afford a quality, Biblical higher education anywhere else! And Patriot’s user-friendly Accelerated Curriculum offers advantages that many distance-learning programs cannot give.