Allow me to briefly share my passion to have Church leaders trained in Liberia, West Africa.


Since 2005, when I was approved to do my Pastoral studies with Patriot Bible University in Colorado thought the unforgettable recommendation of Dr. Douglas M. Boisvert, I took this opportunity with great delight. My desire had been upon my Graduation from Patriot Bible University, I had a passion to return to Liberia and help Pastors from Jake Memorial Bible College and othersĀ  who desire to be trained through the Courses that our beloved Patriot Bible University offered.

With the Support and fervent prayer of Dr. Lonnie Skinner, Director for International Extension and able staff of Patriot, I can praise the Lord in that we have started Training men for the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ under the patronage of PBU.Praise the Lord that this four years dream had become a reality in Liberia.

It is my prayer that through the St. Paul Baptist church Ministry, Patriot Bible University though her extension program now in Liberia, will help rural pastors to be trained also.

Prayer needs? Yes, we call on Christian Brothers and Sisters who love the Lord to pray for the Lord to provide Photo copiers, computers generator andĀ  other office supplies so as to enhance our vision for Pastors to be trained from Patriot Bible University.

The photo is of the students who started on November 24, 2009 which happens to be my Birthday. I am in one of the photos dressed in African attire as you can see.

Striving TO Serve Christ,
Wallah S. Wilsitoe Jr.
Director for International Extension Program in Liberia, PBU