Students are required to complete the minimum number of courses indicated in each category listed in their program. Each Associate degree program requires a total of 32 courses (64 credits).

Courses must be ordered from the current “order form”. All undergraduate courses offer two credits. Unless instructed otherwise, students may choose their own course sequence.

Transfer credits, Equivalency exam and Ministry experience credits are NOT accepted toward an Associate degree at Patriot Bible University. (These credits may only be applied to a Bachelor’s degree program).

Pre-requisite: High School Diploma or GED

General Bible (GB 101 REQUIRED) 5 courses
Old Testament (OT 101,102,314 REQUIRED) 5 courses
New Testament (NT 101 REQUIRED) 5 courses
Christian Ed. (CE 111, 431 REQUIRED) 2 courses
Christian Counseling 5 courses
Church Ministries (CM 102 REQUIRED) 2 courses
Evangelism and Missions (EM 120 REQUIRED) 1 course
Character Studies 2 courses
Science (SC 208 REQUIRED) 1 course
Social Studies (SS 351 REQUIRED) 1 course
Electives 3 courses



* Please note that most states have licensing requirements before you can set up a business of counseling. Please check your state requirements if this is your goal. Our Bible degree is designed to equip counselors to be in the ministry of counseling within the confines of a Christian ministry or church. If you are an ordained, licensed or commissioned minister, you probably can accept remuneration for counseling since most states exempt clergy from having to be state licensed.