Bachelor degree students are invited to take the Patriot Bible University Equivalency Exam.

Available for Bachelor degree students only.

This test offers credit based upon knowledge gained through years of Bible study and academic learning.

maximum of one-fourth of a student’s Bachelor degree requirements may be earned in this manner. There is no charge for credits awarded as a result of the Equivalency Exam; the only fee is the $85 testing fee.

Exam Testing Format

Please note that you will have to arrange for a monitor to observe you taking the test. Your pastor would be ideal. It cannot be a relative. The monitor will need to sign a statement they observed you. Please allow approximately 3 hours for testing time. We have both a printed version or an online interactive PDF version.

Exam Description

The EE is a proctored exam of general bible knowledge. There is no time limit. It is a closed book test. The test contains 400 questions. The question types are True/False, single word answers, matching, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank questions, and fill-in-the-blank lists.

The exam covers the broad areas of knowledge of characters, places, events in the Old and New Testaments, questions on doctrinal definitions, general theological principles, fill-in-the-blank scripture verses, and biographies of people in church history over the past couple of centuries, and church/ministry-related questions.

To have the Equivalency Exam mailed to you, click here to order and remit the $85 fee.

* Reminder: you must be an enrolled Bachelor of Arts student first.