We’ve heard that testimony hundreds of times during the past 3 decades from students throughout the United States and from several foreign countries!


Patriot Bible University offers you a marvelous opportunity to achieve your Biblical training goals.

…And it isn’t necessary for you to give up your present job or position with your church to go get it!

Patriot Bible University is for Christians who believe in Biblical education. Don’t forget to view the In God We Trust movie. It will reawaken and inspire your trust in America.

Prospective Students

We live in an unprecedented time on God's calendar. And from an earthly perspective, the hard times people are facing today seem to have stirred many of them to a fresh hunger for God’s Word.


Simple process! Submit application online, pay enrollment fee, select tuition plan. Your first two courses will be sent the day your application is processed.

International Students

Accepting International Students from Israel, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, England, Germany, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Italy, Greece, South Korea, and all parts of Africa and India.

Finance & Payments

Enroll for less than $200 and complete your undergraduate degree for under $3500; or your Masters degree for less than $1800 and Doctor of Ministry for less than $2500.

Student Services

Information about the Student Services offered by Patriot Bible University. Frequently asked question, downloads, news, office time, study incentives, course assistance, prayer requests and more.


Student Reviews of Patriot Bible University