PBU Building

Patriot Bible University was founded in 1979 at a Baptist church located in Dallas, Texas.

Since 1985, Patriot has been a ministry of Hilltop Baptist Church. That same year Patriot merged with American Christian University (then under the direction of Dr. J. Mark Hollingsworth). Dr. Lonnie Skinner, one of the original founders, now directs all External Studies programs from offices in Del Norte, Colorado.

Presently,┬áPatriot serves more than 400 students with a graduating class of 50-100 each year. Patriot’s reach throughout the United States and Internationally has expanded due to the internet. The school continues to expand and improve it’s printing, publishing and delivery of courses as a distance learning organization. Patriot has always donated a portion of the ministry income to domestic and foreign missions. Please see our International page.