How do I pay my tuition and fees?

You may pay your tuition and/or fees online – here

How do I get started?

First, enroll by submitting your application along with your enrollment fee.

Next, order courses per the Degree Requirements of your course track.
The Registrar will provided a summary of any accepted course transfers, ministry experience credits, or equivalency exam course credits. You must first be an enrolled student.

Click here to get started

How do I order Books for Courses?

Once enrolled you may order courses online, by mail, or by telephone. You must pay for the course at the time of ordering and according to the rate within your tuition plan.

For your convenience we have the Course Descriptions and secure online shopping to Purchase Books for Courses in our Bookstore.

Where can I download Forms, Catalogs and Student Guides?

These documents are in PDF format. To download them you will need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader on your system. This Reader may be downloaded at no charge here.

Once you’ve installed the Adobe Reader you can just click on the download link on our site and it will automatically open for you. It’s easy, trust these directions and try it!!

You may find the documents you need on our Downloads page.

What are the Drop/Return Procedures?

A student may return new course books and materials and drop a course within 30 days. Books must be in resalable condition, and a restocking fee must accompany the return. After 30 days, a course may be officially dropped by calling or writing the university. Materials may not be returned.

How do I get Reinstated?

An inactive undergrad student must pay a reinstatement fee of $95 to resume studies with Patriot Bible University. An inactive grad student must pay $100 to reinstate.

You may pay your reinstatement fee online here.

How do I request transcripts?

You may request a transcript by secure email or by mail or by telephone. All requests must be in writing on our Transcript Request Form. A $10 fee must accompany your request.

Please specify how many copies you want and the address you want them sent to.

Request Transcripts – Download Form, print, mail or fax

Can you make a living with a religious degree?

Please download this file for more information.

Where can I find more answers to my questions?

You may find most every answer on our website and in the Catalog. [ University Catalog ]

New Students will benefit from the Orientation articles prepared for you. Or simply email us from our Contact Us page.