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Patriot Bible University is authorized by the State of Colorado Commission for Higher Education to grant religious degrees at the Associate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral levels – click here. State list of authorized private colleges (including PBU) – click here to download in PDF format.

Beware of diploma mills. Diploma mills are defined as schools whose objective is to issue the student a degree with little relevant study required or none at all. Often a diploma mill will accept work experience to qualify for the entire degree. A diploma mill’s intent is to deceive prospective employers or the public. A school which is simply not regionally accredited is not a diploma mill

Pleasing To The Lord

As we do not exist to train secular career professionals, grant secular degrees, or educate those who see ministry as a profession (rather than a calling by the Lord), we have chosen not to spend our student’s money on secular regional accreditation that costs tens of thousands of dollars – annually.

We are a ministry with a purpose and we do not exist to pursue financial gain. We serve a niche of Born Again believers who are seeking to be better equipped for Christian ministry. And these students want to obtain education in a financially prudent manner without resorting to student loans. We believe our students appreciate affordable biblical education.

Privacy Policy

Patriot Bible University holds all information we receive in the strictest confidence. We do NOT sell, rent, lease, or trade our mailing list. Your information and privacy are safe with us. All information is for internal use only.

Peer Review

Our programs, business practices, and educational qualities are regularly scrutinized by respected leaders. Here’s an example of the results:

“I have spent several hours reviewing the curriculum of Patriot Bible University. I find it accurate, stimulating, and comprehensive. This technique of Biblical study and discipleship is unprecedented. I wholeheartedly recommend these studies to ministers, teachers, singers, homemakers and church leaders.” Billy Hale: Founder and President, Country Gospel Music Association

Debt Free and Financially Sound

We are submitted to the authority of and are under the organizational umbrella of Hilltop Baptist Church, our sponsor.

Providing quality Biblical training has been the aim of Patriot Bible University throughout our history. God’s standards are higher than any that men have set. Therefore, the greatest desire of Patriot administrators is to meet the approval of our Lord as we equip His people for His service.


Patriot Bible University is: “Excellence in Bible at any distance”. This school has been operating for more than 40 years as a distance learning institution. More than 130 million Americans have studied in distance learning institutions including Franklin D. Roosevelt, Walter P. Chrysler, Walter Cronkite, Barry Goldwater, Charles Schulz. (statistic from The Distance Education and Training Council website)

Students may start anytime, study anywhere.

PBU is affordable Bible education intended to be accessed by students without the necessity of relocating or securing large loans and the student may stay employed while attending.

Be Aware: Higher cost does not guarantee higher quality.

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