Patriot Bible University is an answered prayer for many Christians. Anyone who desires a greater knowledge and understanding of God’s Word, who seeks to further his/her education, and prepare for more effective Christian service can benefit as a Patriot student.


Who should enroll at Patriot? What will the graduate demonstrate?

Courses are designed to equip the student to better serve as a:

  1. Pastor, evangelist, missionary, youth minister, church staff member.
  2. Christian school administrator or teacher.
  3. Dynamic leader in a local church.
  4. Military personnel desiring to become more effective in Christian service.
  5. Counselor, serving in a local church ministry.
  6. Those desiring personal enrichment through challenging Christian studies.
  7. You desire to obtain your degree without incurring student loans (which are often equal to one or two years’ salary for the typical ministry worker).

As A PBU Graduate You Will Be:

  1. A proven self-starter
  2. A proven self-learner
  3. Passionate about education
  4. Passionate about the bible
  5. Grounded in bible basics
  6. Faithful steward with God’s money

In short, the PBU graduate will be equipped to serve the church, the Lord, His children, and His ‘soon-to-be’ children.

You Might Reconsider If:

1. You need to hear lectures instead of taking responsibility to learn by reading.
2. You are planning on transferring to a secular college after attending Patriot Bible University.
3. Your employer requires a government accredited college degree or certification.

If You Are Seeking Biblical Education Only:

Then you might see what our Patriot School of the Bible has to offer. We have over 100 bible courses of the same high quality as our degree courses, yet with relaxed course requirements.

We offer a Bible Diploma track that could be right for you!

View ourĀ Non-degree program