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About Us

We have been a correspondence school for 40 years and have served thousands of Christian students.

Staff, Faculty, Directors

Patriot Bible University is an external studies mission of Hilltop Baptist Church. The following is a list of the administrative staff for the Patriot Bible University ministry.

Accreditation and Consumer Protection

Join thousands of satisfied PBU students spanning more than 30 years!

Brief History

Patriot Bible University was founded in 1979 at a Baptist church located in Dallas, Texas.

Learning Philosophy

It is the purpose of Patriot Bible University to contribute to the development of our students in the areas of Christian character, academic skills, subject mastery, Biblical understanding, and practical wisdom.

Doctrine Faith Statement

Patriot Bible University stands for the fundamentals of the faith as described on this page.

Programs For Churches

Your church can have it's own Bible Institute which grants Bible Diplomas, Bible Certificates and even offers a transfer into a Bible degree program at Patriot Bible University.

International Extensions

Would you like to open a Bible College at your church? Patriot has an extension program for qualified churches in foreign countries.