Are Homeschoolers accepted at Patriot Bible University? Yes!

Correspondence Bible colleges are an excellent learning solution for homeschoolers. Homeschoolers have learned how to be self-directed and self-motivated. They are almost always good readers.

Can You Earn A Living With A Religious Degree?

Can You Earn A Living With A Religious Degree?   Patriot Bible University equips people for ministry vocations. Many students would love to earn a living while working in ministry […]

Does Patriot believe the Bible is literally true?

Patriot Bible University has been labeled as a fundamentalist Christian college by our critics. While they mean it to be a negative slur we accept it as a compliment!

One more example why Patriot chooses not to be regionally accredited

Court Upholds Expulsion of Christian Counseling Student Who Opposes Homosexuality! Does Patriot Bible University "choose" not to be accredited?

Founding Father's Quotes

“In God We Trust” Text of Quotations  (New) “And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds […]

Graduates Worth Employing

The PBU graduate can demonstrate to the potential employer that he or she is a self-motivated learner. Patriot Bible University’s primary teacher is the Holy Spirit coupled with God’s Word.