Correspondence Bible colleges are an excellent learning solution for homeschoolers. Homeschoolers have learned how to be self-directed and self-motivated. They are almost always good readers.

Homeschoolers are usually adept at computer technology, finding it very convenient to access their school requirements and purchase materials online.

Bible degrees that are regionally accredited are of less import to the homeschooler. Most homeschoolers will go to Christian universities and are more concerned with the learned knowledge than the stature of a school name. Further, they are very often involved in ministry or self-employed. They have learned to not be dependent upon taxpayer funded student loans. Therefore, not having to demonstrate to the future employer that their degree was regionally accredited is not worth the price (overpriced) of the education.

Recommended Courses

SC 208 – Bible and Science
SC 211 – The Collapse of Evolution
SC 408 – The Battle for the Beginning
SC 301 & 302 – Physical Science I & II
SC 331 & 332 – Biology I & II
CS 414 – Lessons from the Life of Job
CE 205 – Controversial Truths (Bachelor)
CE 603 – Christian World View (Masters)
SC 701 – Biblical Basis of Modern Science (D.Min)