Join thousands of satisfied PBU students
spanning four decades!

Our Mission and Purpose for our Students

Everything we do at Patriot Bible University is an expression of our mission statement: PBU exists to support the local church by providing Scriptural knowledge and practical training to dedicated Christians that they may be equipped to serve God and minister to the spiritual needs of others.

“We feel Patriot Bible University is your number one choice for correspondence
biblical education. In fact, since we started PBU many of the larger universities
have developed their own external studies departments!”

We serve a niche of God’s children that want to be equipped for ministry at an affordable price without having to cease employment or relocate. We aren’t for everyone but if the Lord directed you here, we might be the school for you.

How we do this:

  1. Provide a systematic and practical Bible education for any believer.
  2. Help Christians prepare for ministries through the local church. Areas of concentration include Biblical Studies, Pastoral Studies, Evangelism and Missions, Christian Education, and Christian Counseling.
  3. Encourage and revitalize those currently in the ministry through an invigorating exposure to God’s Word.
  4. Make a quality, Biblical education affordable and user-friendly for every off-campus student.
  5. Grant degrees of recognition for achievement in various levels of Bible education.

What we are not called to do:

  1. We do not exist to train secular career professionals or those who see ministry as a profession rather than a calling by the Lord. Likewise, we do not educate students for secular careers granting them secular degrees.
  2. We do not exist to deliver a degree that won’t equip Christians for vocational ministry.
  3. We do not exist to pursue financial gain. We are a ministry with a purpose.

We have been a correspondence school for more than 40 years and have served thousands of Christian students. We have developed competent course publishing and delivery systems. We have diligent record keeping, professional financial practices, a debt-free college, and accurate grading systems.