It is the purpose of Patriot Bible University to contribute to the development of our students in the areas of Christian character, academic skills, subject mastery, Biblical understanding, and practical wisdom.

We believe that Christian character and practical wisdom are best achieved through a cooperative effort with the local church.

Academic skills and subject mastery are accomplished through clear explanation and responsive repetition, such as that found in our workbooks. There is no beneficial understanding apart from a Biblical understanding (Eph. 4:17-24). All of our curriculum is written from a conservative Biblical viewpoint.

We firmly believe that conclusions about life and reality must be based on the Word of God above all other experience and research.

We believe study methods should be individualized: ([You] study to show thyself approved…), and if all possible, directed by the pastor/teacher (II Tim 2:15).

We believe the product of higher education should be a Christian servant, skilled in the Word of God, trained in an breitling bentley replica watches area of service, and able to effectively utilize his education to the glory of God.

Our mode of teaching is:

Predominantly self-directed study with open book comprehension tests of your readings of the Holy Bible as well as specific text books on the subject. As you seek a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate degree, you will be required to do projects, write a thesis and a dissertation as well as completing practicum. Each course you take is graded by the institution and your grades are recorded.

Our educational purpose is:

To teach the Bible and then teach how to apply it to today’s world. To educate and raise up a new generation of biblical leaders and business owners for the coming times. To promote PBU students communicating the gospel through effective publishing, distribution, and preaching skills.

Our vocational purpose is:

The student must study to become approved workmen so that they will not be ashamed in their service to the Lord. Chosen men of the OT such as Joseph, Nehemiah, David, applied biblical living to secular work and it was seen that God was with them. They were given grace that lifted them above all others. Success comes from the Lord and is given through the favor with our ‘masters’.

Our definition of student success:

Success comes from how you apply your education and not what accrediting agency has certified your education. PBU educates you and teaches you how to succeed with your education in the marketplace. The PBU student will be able to communicate to the prospective employer that he/she has the character and skills to apply their education successfully for the organization they work for.