Associate and Bachelor Tuition (US & Canada) investment is only $40-55 per month (which covers our costs) for undergraduate students who agree to take at least 12 courses per year. (However, if you cannot afford that much every month, the minimum requirement is just $40.) Please budget about $65 per month if you plan to complete at ENROLLNOW2least 12 courses within 12 months.

(International Students click here for more information.)

Course Books: Order books as you need them. Self-paced. Books priced from $20 – $29.
** Course Books are not included in the tuition fees.

Study Incentive: turn in 4 courses in a quarter and receive a coupon for a FREE course.

Patriot Bible University may offer the most unique financial policy of any college or university in America! Undergraduate students taking 20 or more credits per year may set their own tuition rate! It is now possible for you to determine your own amount to invest toward your degree!

How it works:

  1. Choose the Monthly Payment tuition option.
  2. Agree to order at least twelve undergraduate courses (or six graduate courses) during each year.
  3. Make your tuition payment each month.

How much will tuition and books cost each month?

Tuition: We encourage you to spend time in prayer and ask God what He would have you to choose. It now costs us about $40-50 every month to serve each student that is enrolled. We know that some must select less than that, while others will select more. (The minimum requirement is just $40 for undergraduates.)

Enrollment is quick and easy. Start your first course today!

Books: Patriot courses are designed to be user-friendly for home study. Each course books is affordably priced. Undergraduate coursebooks range from $20-29.

Shipping Fees

There is a $10 flat shipping fee for all print book orders, regardless of the size of your order. (This helps us keep the undergraduate book prices at $29 or less). Obviously, with a flat fee, the more courses a student orders at the same time the less he/she will pay for shipping of each course.

Remember, there are no shipping charges for E-courses, and those courses are all priced starting at $20 each for PBU students.

Also remember that you may receive a coupon for a free course (valued at $26) if you complete and return at least four courses during a calendar quarter. The regular shipping fee will apply.

eCourses: Patriot offers courses in eBook and PDF formats. This is the primary way courses are offered to international students. eCourses range from $15-25.

Progress at your own pace: Undergraduate students-even those who are busy in life and ministry-can complete a course every 2-4 weeks. The shorter accelerated courses offer two credits each, and will stimulate momentum to “keep moving” with the learning process.

You may order and study as many courses each month as you desire. You progress at your own pace.

Active Military Discount

Available for undergraduate degree studies (only).

Patriot Bible University is grateful to the men and women serving our Country. Therefore, we offer a special military discount for active service.

Discounted Tuition: 
Military students get $13 off monthly tuition (will be $25 instead of $40),

AND as an additional option….

Discounted Courses: 
Military students may order courses from our lending library and pay only for the workbook and shipping. (or order courses from our standard catalog at the regular price and keep the books).

The price of courses with lending library books will be retail course price less $10. (Lending library courses will range from $12-19 instead of $22-29.) Student is issued a coupon code that must be used during checkout.

Lending Library Policy: Return the text books with your workbook. Lending library books are typically a used textbook. The student is asked to take care of the library book while in their possession.


  • Military Discount Plan must be renewed each year.
  • To qualify, send scanned military identification card to the Patriot Bible University Registrar. Indicate Active Military on the enrollment application.
  • Military students are issued a special coupon code and can only be used while ordering courses online or paying tuition. Discounts only applied with coupon code.
  • Discounts cannot be combined with other promotions and sales (e.g. Prepaid)