Are you aware of Patriot Bible University’s Life Experience and Ministry Evaluation (LEME)? This form allows you to summarize your ministry experience (and other activities that have helped prepare you for ministry).

We then use this to determine any credit that may be awarded for your prior experience. Even if you did not fill this form out during your application process, you may still do so. If you have several years of ministry experience, it will probably be to your benefit to fill out the LEME form. Available for Bachelor Degree students only.

We charge $40.00 to evaluate your portfolio, plus a $5.00 fee for each undergraduate credit hour ($ 10.00 per course) which is awarded to you. Using the LEME may save you both time and tuition.

You may request that a Life Experience and Ministry Evaluation form be mailed to you OR you may download it from our web site.

May the Lord bless you for your faithful stewardship of the time, talents, finances and ministries that He has entrusted to you.